Woodgate Music Video

This song was written about the small Queensland town just north of Hervey Bay known as Woodgate. It was written just to be sung for fun by the Hervey Bay Country Moon Bootscooters, but Ken ended up exploring all over Woodgate with this camcorder collecting footage for what eventually became this video. Enjoy!

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Wind Waves & Water


Heading North Again

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The “Lost and Found” album is a collection of tracks that aren’t found on any other album. It’s “digital only” which means there is no physical CD available. You simply buy the digital files here and then download them. You can purchase the entire album or selected tracks.

A collection of songs and a poem about life, aspirations, and intrigue – hence the title. Some songs like ‘Peace of Land’ started in the 1970’s when I sang in a 4 wheel drive as my family went on camping trips in Weipa. It is much richer now with three generations of singers.

It started at Harry and Susie’s home on Macleay Island one week-end in late 2006. It was a leafy, sandy, musical, and memorable experience. Photos from that day captured the essence of the album. We selected one of those photos as the main banner at the top of this website.

This is the famous kids music! This album has lots of character driven songs with animals and funny voices. Parents all over the world have told Ken that his album gets played repeatedly by their young children. The songs are still big hits at kids parties today.


I used to call myself a ‘not-for-profit’ singer/songwriter. It sounded a bit negative, so now I’m a ‘fit-for-purpose’ singer/songwriter. Spike Milligan once said, “What can go wrong when you haven’t got a plan!” My music feels a bit that way. I started writing songs for fun when I was about 15, in the 1960’s in Maryborough. I have been at it on and off ever since.

Recording started in the mid-late 1990’s when my nephews Lockie and Stuart McDonald twisted my arm. I planned to do 5 albums when I started. Now No.6 “Ramshackle Junction” was completed in late 2013. There is also an album with a jamming band. Along the way, my son Fraser McDonald kindly built a web site that has developed into an interesting trail of music and video footprints for many family members. The video clips in recent years are a big bonus. A lot of people ask me about my style of music. It is quite variable or eclectic – pop, rock, country rock, country, folk … easy listening. There’s a lot of stories about people doing interesting things in interesting places. A lot of family members and friends help with instruments and vocals. It have been an interesting ride. You can listen to any so any song on this website and hope you enjoy the videos.

“The North Wind” is a poem my brother Laurie wrote. It is on the “Fire after Flood” album. Macca has played it on ‘Australia All Over’ a fair bit over the years. “Ramshackle Junction” has 16 tracks. I wrote 15 songs. I had some help in the writing stakes on a few. “The Legend of Merkyl Crud” is another poem by Laurie is on this album. The songs are about life, aspirations and intrigue. Mike Patterson recorded most of the tracks and did a great job with his musical colleagues. Dean Patterson recorded 3 tracks and 2 were recorded in Ontario Canada about 5 years ago.

All the best,