Lost and Found Digital Album

Lost and Found (Digital)

The “Lost and Found” album is a collection of tracks that aren’t found on any other album. It’s “digital only” which means there is no physical CD available. You simply buy the digital files here and then download them. You can purchase the entire album or selected tracks. The choice is yours!


Ramshackle Junction

A loose collection of songs and a poem about life, aspirations, and intrigue – hence the title. Some songs like ‘Peace of Land’ started in the 1970’s when I sang in a 4 wheel drive as my family went on camping trips in Weipa. It is much richer now with three generations of singers. Take a listen now


Curious Dilemmas

It started at Harry and Susie’s home on Macleay Island one week-end in late 2006. A memorable experience. Photos from that day captured the essence of the album. We selected one of those photos as the main banner at the top of this website. Listen to Curious Dilemmas here

Billgoat and Crocodilly Rock Kids Album

Billygoat & Crocodilly Rock

Kids music! This album has lots of character driven songs with animals and funny voices. Parents all over the world have told Ken that his album gets played repeatedly by their young children. The songs are still big hits at kids parties today. Take a listen here


ABC Compilation

Ken's much loved song the 'The North Wind' which is a musical interpretation of his brother Laurie McDonald's poem, has been published on a double album of Australian music called "Well I love it". The album was created by Macca from the ABC radio program Australia All Over which has given the track plenty of spins over the years. The rest of the album is fantastic and well worth a listen.

Dust and Gems

Dust and Gems

Ken's early album. It's no longer available as a physical album but you can still purchase tracks as digital files.  Dust and Gems has all the classic Wiepa songs like "She's a Cyclone", "Greenant Shuffle", "Welcome to Weipa", and "Jaine". Check them all out here.