Live Cover Music Videos

Like a Rolling Stone

With the Cool Country Band in Hervey Bay

Like a Rolling Stone was released by Bob Dylan in 1965. Widely regarded as one of the greatest modern songs, it pushed the boundary limits on lyrics, phrasing and length of song. It had a massive influence on song writers. I’ve sung it many times solo on an acoustic guitar. This is my first time with a band.  The Hervey Bay, Cool Country Band gives it a lift.

Mule Skinner Blues

With the Cool Country Band in Hervey Bay

Mule Skinner Blues was written by Jimmie Rodgers and George Vaughan in 1930. It has been recorded by lots of artists. The Fendermen had a big hit in 1960. My older brothers Ron, Geoff and Doug loved it. Geoff asked for it at his funeral in 2016 … so I played the CD. It is  about pride in your work. This is my first try in 2022. Thanks to the Cool Country band at Hervey Bay.

Glory of True Love - Cover (John Prine)

Rebecca and Lawrie's Wedding - 5th April 2014

“Glory of True Love” by John Prine, a master songwriter, has been lyrically modified slightly for the wedding of Rebecca McDonald and Lawrie Ellis.

Singers “Daphne and the McDonalds” are Malcolm McDonald, Doug McDonald, Daphne Kaher (nee McDonald), Ken McDonald, Geoff McDonald and Laurie McDonald.

Bye Bye Love - Cover (The Everly Brothers)

Performed by Laurie McDonald and Ken McDonald

The McDonald Brothers doing the Everly Brothers.

Wagon Wheel - Cover (Bob Dylan)

Wagon Wheel is another great Bob Dylan song – less well known.  A variety of artists have recorded different versions of this hitchhiker story in the east of the USA. In the late 60’s early 70’s I thumbed my way extensively in the eastern states of Australia. I modified the lyrics for this local context. Fig Tree Jam are a bunch of musical friends who jam regularly. On this clip are Gail Paratz, Ken McDonald (lead vocal), Dean Patterson (percussion), John Lavery (lead vocal) and Allan Mason (lead guitar). The bloke with the hat is Garth. Thanks Bob.  We don’t like the cold as well. 

I've Just Seen A Face - Cover (The Beatles)

We recorded this song for Stuart and Bk’s wedding which we couldn’t get to. We didn’t write this song, we are just covering it. (It’s a Beatles track, you pagan). Fraser