Get in the Swim - Official Music Video

Cool Country Club from Hervey Bay

I originally wrote this fun song in 2019 after joining the Humpbacks
Masters Swimming Club at Hervey Bay. There are a significant number of swimming groups here. I also used to sail at Hervey Bay as a teenager. In recent times, some friends and I have been paddling the Moonaboola (Mary) River. It has become clearer that this region has spectacular waterways so I rewrote the lyrics to include many of the water sports. Some of the Cool Country Music Club members kindly helped record it on a couple of handicams. Ken McDonald.

Where We Belong

A Tribute to Lynne McDonald

An elegant lady who loved family, classical music, animals and adventure. “Where We Belong” was written by Ken McDonald, Anita Taylor, and Laurie McDonald. Photo sequence courtesy of Ben McDonald.

Gold Mine - Music Video

I wrote this song about 1972 and recorded it with Craig Pilkington in Melbourne about 1997. Last year Sharon, my second wife, and I travelled around Australia in a caravan after we were married. My son Fraser put the video clips together in 2019. I have always enjoyed playing and singing the song which is a tribute to Australian singer songwriters, artists and writers. It’s tough to be successful.

Being financially successful as an artist is a bit like gold mining. It is hard to have a win and it is easy to lose. Australia is a great subject for artists. I admire those people who were successful and also those who had a crack at it. If you had not already guessed, I have not been a financially successful artist! Hope you enjoy the video anyway.

Woodgate - Music Video

Woodgate is a relaxing seaside beach town north of Hervey Bay. Woodgate is scenic with a mild climate so good holidays.

A Tribute in Photos for Heather McDonald

Music: Clouds by Fraser McDonald and Toolooa by Ken McDonald

Rocking Chair

Ken McDonald and The Redland Rockers

Treasured Friends

Heather McDonald was given a birthday present to interact with a dolphin at Sea World by her sister Jackie Blinco in December 2015.

Thank You Gac

A video from the Ken’s grand kids to their grandmother “Gac”.